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About WangYu


Established in 1998, WangYu is striving relentlessly to a healthy, joyful e-entertainment, pushing cyber cafe to a positive healthy direction, and redefining cyber cafe an unique mixture of service and culture. 15 years of dedication, WangYu is well known by the community and loved by many! The WangYu team , are keen to every effort in leading the Cyber Cafe industry.


In innovation, we believe, our valuable customers deserve a next -gen e-entertainment services other than just cold machine and sole internet access.


WangYu introduced hybrid cafe of online entertainment with cafe classics - WangYu Cafe which had triggered the cafe revolution in china.


Along with our partners, such as Dell, Samsung, Blizzard... hundreds of national and international events were hosted at WangYu, attracted over 150,000 attendees.

Headquartered in Sydney, Wanyoo eSports Center Australia, opens its doors to sydneysiders in the CBD of Sydney in July 2014.